Windsurfing Lessons

There’s no better place to learn how to windsurf than the many sunny and windy spots in and around Cape Town.

Just book your windsurfing lessons, slap on some sunblock and you could be sailing into the sunset sooner than you’d think.

Windsurfing Schools in Cape Town

windsurfing lessons Cape Town

Windsurfing lessons Cape Town

Windsurfing is one of the most technical water sports to master, which makes it even

more important to sign up at a registered windsurfing school before you give it a go.

Without taking vital windsurfing lessons you could easily find yourself drifting away downwind in the great Atlantic and having to swim back to shore.

You’ll find qualified windsurfing instructors at most of the top surf shops in Cape Town offering lessons to both beginner and advanced windsurfers.

The flat and safe conditions at Rietvlei and the Langebaan Lagoon make both spots perfect for beginners to learn how to windsurf while the coastline offers numerous challenging destinations where advanced windsurfers can improve their skills.

Whether windsurfing lessons can take place will of course also be dependent on the weather conditions.

Reputable windsurfing schools in Cape Town offer various training packages with equipment rental included or excluded.

When signing up for windsurfing lessons you’ll also be given the option of receiving one-on-one instruction or being taught in a group.

With the wind pumping from November to March, this would be the best time to learn how to windsurf in Cape Town.

You can view a list of licensed and registered windsurfing schools in Cape Town here.

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