Windsurfing Conditions

To windsurf, you need wind and Cape Town certainly has a lot of it.

Known as one of the windiest cities around the globe, it’s no wonder it’s also become one of the best international windsurfing destinations in the world.

Weather Conditions

Windsurfing in Cape Town

Windsurfing in Cape Town

The best time of the year for windsurfing in Cape Town is without a doubt November to March.

During these summer months the sun is out, the temperature rises and the wind blows at its hardest to provide more than perfect windsurfing conditions.

The only thing that isn’t hot however is the water, so you’ll want to pack a wetsuit.

Cape Town’s world-class windsurfing conditions have made it the preferred training ground for many top international windsurfers.

Its infamous south easterly wind kicks up almost every day during summer while the occasional north westerly also provides fun windsurfing conditions.

And though Cape Town’s winter is known to bring storm swell and bigger waves to the coastline, you can rest assured that you’ll still find ample wave action for your windsurfing adventures during summer.

Windsurf Reports

The wind and wave conditions in Cape Town vary from day to day so it’s important to get daily windsurf reports before heading to your favourite windsurfing spot.

Should the weather gods not work in your favour, rest assured you can find lots of other stuff to do when there is no wind in Cape Town.

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