How does Cape Town compare?

How does Cape Town compare with the rest of the world?

compare kiteboarding around the world

How does Cape Town compare?

Here’s a brief summary of how Cape Town compares with other kiteboarding destinations in the world:

Kiteboarding Brazil

cape town kiteboarding

  • Great kiteboarding culture and beaches in Brazil, but understanding the locals might pose a bit of a challenge.

Kiteboarding Eqypt


  • El Gouna is great for lagoon kiteboarding, but there is very little else to do in the area.
  • Cape Town offers ideal lagoon kiteboarding at Langebaan Main Beach as well as a variety of other kiting and SUP conditions to suit your preference.

Kiteboarding Mauritius

cape town kiteboarding

  • Winter kiteboarding conditions. One Eye on the west coast has got very challenging waves, even for experienced kiteboarders.
  • Cape Town offers summer kiteboarding and waves and conditions for experienced and novice kiteboarders.

Kiteboarding Kenya

kiteboarding cape town

  • Kiteboarding in Kenya is fast growing in popularity, thanks to the warm water and trade winds.
  • Cape Town offers more with regards to nightlife, shopping, entertainment, infrastructure and public transport – so after the wind and waves, you can kick back and enjoy a holistic holiday experience.

Kiteboarding Zanzibar

kiteboarding cape town

  • Nice kiteboarding conditions, but might be a bit pricey as prices are in EURO.
  • Our weaker Rand means you have way more options on ways to play with a smaller budget.
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