Friendly, beautiful locals

There’s something special about Capetonians.

Friendly to a fault, you will never be stranded without help, never feel alone, and never feel unwelcome.

South Africans are down-to-earth, gorgeous and open-hearted.

We have a strong sports and out-door culture, and adventure-lust runs thick in our veins.

Cape Town really does have it all, from wind and watersports to lifestyle and recreation.

To help you better understand what these friendly locals are on about, here’s a bit of a breakdown of the local vernacular.

Translations of the vernacular:

friendly cape town watersports
  • Lekker: awesome / great
  • Howzit: hello
  • China: dude / friend, as in ‘howzit my china!’
  • Chop: idiot, as in ‘Don’t be such a chop.’
  • Frothing: excited
  • Ag man: (pronounced ‘ach’ man) oh man!
  • Babellas: hangover
  • Bergie: vagrant
  • Biltong: beef jerky
  • Bru: a good male friend, also ‘bra’ and ‘brother’, as in ‘Howzit my bru!’
  • Chips/ Cherps: look out! As in ‘Chips everyone, here comes a big one!’
  • Dof: stupid or slow
  • Ja: (pronounced ya) yeah / yes
  • Kiff / Kief: cool
  • Lank: lots
  • Nooit!: no way! Never!
  • Shot: thanks, as in ‘Shot, bru.’
  • Gatsby: a chip roll with meat and sauce (only found in Cape Town)
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