Why Cape Town?

Cape Town was voted #1 destination city in the world.

wind cape town

Cape Town’s wind is intense, whether on or off the water!

What’s the Top Reason to Come to Cape Town?

Our Beautiful, Reliable, Predictable, Blow-All-Summer-Long Wind.

  • Great windy conditions from October – April
  • Gorgeous weather for windsurfing and kiting

Cape Town has phenominal wind during the summer season.

It’s consistent and won’t dissapoint or leave you stranded. It literally blows from morning til night, and then some.


Questions About Cape Town

You might ask yourself, “What about crime? Are there wild animals roaming the streets? Will I find the right gear easily? How does Cape Town compare with other kiteboarding locations?”


Crime in Cape Town is more often than not petty theft. It can be easily avoided by concealing your valuables, not leaving valuables unattended and not leaving items lying about in your car while you’re in the water. Rather store valuables in the boot (trunk) of the car, or leave them at your accommodation.

Boulders Beach cape town watersports

White beaches of Boulders Beach with tuxedo’d inhabitants

Wild Animals:

Nope, unfortunately wild animals stopped roaming our streets about 300 years ago but check out these reserves when you need to satisfy the call of the wild.

  • You can find wild animals in free-roaming game reserves like this one here.
  • You can also visit Boulders Beach to spot the local colony of penguins.
  • There’s great shark diving (cage) for the brave with nerves of steel.


Finding gear is not a problem in Cape Town. Check out our retailers for awesome deals.

How Does Cape Town Compare?

The one thing that probably sets us apart from the rest of the world kiting and windsurfing destinations is the language barrier: there is none.

English is the official language of South Africa, so communication is fluid and easy. For more detail on how Cape Town compares with the rest of the world’s kiting destinations, click here.


Feel Like a Local… Not Like a Tourist

cape town food market

Cape Town Food Market

Here’s the Inside Scoop on Cape Town:

There’s so much to do and see in Cape Town, we’re giving you the bare essentials here.

We highly recommend walking through our beautiful City on foot and exploring the coffee shops, music shops and vintage shops that give Cape Town so much character.

If you need to bring your kids and pets along, this beautiful city always delivers on every front.

Click on the images below to get more ideas on what to do in and around Cape Town.

Why Cape Town? Wind-free activities | Amazing shopping | Friendly locals | White beaches | Fun night life | Hair-raising adventure sports | How does Cape Town compare? | And Finally...

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