SUP Lessons

Learn how to SUP

It’s fun, it’s easy and there’s no age limit. And with Cape Town’s beautiful beaches, sights and sunny summer days, it’s the perfect place to take SUP lessons while on holiday.

SUP lessons cape town

SUP lessons in Cape Town

Anyone can learn how to SUP

You’re likely to find a qualified, trained and experienced SUP instructor at any of Cape Town’s top surf shops. While most offer SUP lessons to beginners, some also offer advanced SUP lessons to experienced paddle boarders who’d like to improve their skills.

What to expect in your SUP lesson

Before letting you brave the Atlantic, your trainer will give you basic stand up paddle board instructions on the beach.
During your SUP lessons you’ll be taught how to:

  • carry the paddle board,
  • paddle on your knees,
  • catch a wave,
  • stand up,
  • turn the board and
  • how to fall while always keeping your own safety and that of other ocean goers in mind.

As with surfing you can opt for one-on-one lessons or pay discounted group rates.

All your gear will likely be included in the cost and if weather permits, you should be able to take SUP lessons any day or season of the year.

Click here to view a list of licensed and registered SUP schools in Cape Town.

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