SUP Conditions

As long as you have a stand up paddle board, a paddle and water at your disposal, you can SUP in pretty much any conditions Mother Nature throws at you.

It’s for this reason that many water sports enthusiasts have also taken up stand up paddle boarding in Cape Town. Helping to develop a strong core and upper body, you can reap the physical benefits on days that the conditions aren’t favourable for surfing, kitesurfing or windsurfing.

Weather Conditions

If you want to surf waves on your SUP, make sure you’re informed about the wind and swell conditions at your favourite paddle boarding spot.

Cape Town is known for its strong south easterly wind which blows onshore on the False Bay coast and offshore on the west coast.

The wind can also shift to a north westerly direction creating the opposite conditions.

Depending on the SUP spot the wind direction can be a blessing or a curse, though a quick drive to a different venue will ensure you make it into the water.

The Cape of Storms is also known for its gigantic waves during the months of June, July and August, making winter the best season to visit Cape Town for big SUP conditions.

SUP in Cape Town

SUP in Big Bay Cape Town

Cape Town’s long and hot summer days make it the perfect season to enjoy a leisurely

early morning or sunset paddle board session on your SUP. On windless days the Atlantic ocean boasts kilometres of glassy conditions, making stand up paddle boarding the best way to explore the coastline and its vibrant marine life. Don’t be surprised to see a seal or dolphin swim up beside you.

If you’re in luck, you might even spot a whale or two.

Surf Reports

If you know where to go, you won’t have waste hours looking for the perfect SUP conditions. Ask anyone at the local surf shop to steer you in the right direction or check out the surf conditions online before packing your paddle board and hitting the road.

Muizenberg Conditions

Water Type:

Flat, Small Wave (< 1m), Medium Wave (1-3m)



Water Quality:          


Best Tide:       

Tide Independent

Beautiful waves, clean and flat in between. Also the best spot in Cape Town for freestyle, without any doubt, with super smooth water at low tide.

Beach Type:   

Long, sandy beach.

Best Wind Months:  

January, February, March, April, October, November, December

Wind Type:    

Consistent. (moderate to strong)

Best Wind Direction:


Main Wind Direction:          


In summer, the wind is mostly S to SE. This is the perfect wind (also known as the “Cape Doctor”)

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