Kitesurfing Spots in Cape Town

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Cape Town is one of the best kitesurfing destinations in the world because it has various kitesurfing spots along its coast. Whether you are a beginner or advanced kitesurfer, you will surely find the best kitesurfing spot suitable for your skills and preference. In fact, professionals from all over the globe come to Cape Town to train for kitesurfing events. Cape Town offers flat waters, downwind spots, small waves, high waves, warm and cool water. You just have to find the kitesurfing spot that works best for you. Here are the top kitesurfing spots in Cape Town:


Big Bay

Big bay is just about a 30-minute drive from the city center. It is one of the most popular kitesurfing spots in Cape Town. It is a favorite not just for kitesurfers, but also bodyboarders, surfers, windsurfers, SUP, and anybody who wants to spend a day at the beach. This is why Big bay can become very crowded, especially on the summer weekends. Big bay is also known for its strong winds and is popular with surfers of any level. There are also flat sections between the waves and great waves which are sheltered by the rocks. In addition, Big Bay is full of life and friendly locals. It is full of restaurants, supermarkets, and kitesurfing shops.


Scarborough is a stunning beach which is just 45 minutes away from the city center. This beach is bordering the Cape Point Nature Reserve. It has beautiful views and low levels of congestion making it a great place to surf away from the crowds. With its strong winds, the beach is an ideal spot for flying kites and kitesurfing. Scarborough has big waves so it is a good place to practice your wave riding skills. It is however not a kitesurfing spot for beginners. It is more suitable for intermediate to advanced kitesurfers.


Muizenberg is considered to be the birthplace of surfing in South Africa and is a kitesurfer’s paradise. It is currently home to a surfing community. Muizenberg has over 20 km beach that stretches all the way around the top of False Bay to the Strand. It caters for all levels from beginner to advanced kitesurfers because of its excellent wave-riding, free-riding and freestyle conditions. During summer months, the water is warm with small waves and perfect wind conditions for beginners. The kitesurfers will surely enjoy kitesurfing spot.

kitesurfing spots in cape town

Sunset Beach

The Sunset beach is a long, sandy, white beach that has exquisite views of Table Mountain, Robben Island with stunning sunsets over the ocean. It is the most consistently windy spot in Cape Town and produces the most unbelievable waves. Because of this, Sunset beach is a favorite for kitesurfers, kiteboarders, windsurfers, and boardsailors. However, it is not recommended for beginners. Riding the large waves is only for the skilled and the brave. There are also a number of shops and restaurants close by so it is easy to get what you need.

Dolphin Beach

The Dolphin Beach is known by locals as “kite beach“. It is known for its amazing kitesurfing and windsurfing opportunities. It is also a good place for beginners to start out downwind. Dolphin beach is not only for kitesurfing and windsurfing but is also great for dolphin and whale watching. It has spectacular views of Table Mountain, Robben Island and gorgeous sunsets making it perfect for long beach walks. The beach has a variety of restaurants and shops within walking distance. However, there are no public facilities or lifeguards.

Camps Bay

Camps Bay is a nice sandy beach with small waves and is perfect for kitesurfing of all levels. It is not just popular to kitesurfers, Camps Bay is also popular and quite frenetic with families, stylish singles, and tourists. The kitesurfing spot also offers a lot of good and luxurious restaurants and bars to grab something to eat and to drink.

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