Kiteboarding Equipment

Whether you’re braving the wind for the first time, looking to launch into the sky or fiercely thrashing the waves, you’re guaranteed to get the kiteboarding equipment to suit your style at Cape Town’s many top kite shops.

Kiteboarding equipment cape town

Kiteboarding in Cape Town’s Kite Beach


Where to buy Kite Equipment

All the top kiteboarding and kitesurfing brands can be found in Cape Town’s specialist kite


Buy the latest:

  • kites
  • kiteboards
  • kitesurfing boards
  • wetsuits
  • kite accessories

You’ll also receive advice and support from kite experts who will recommend a kite size to match your weight and the conditions you intend to kite in.

Most of the kite shops are located within walking distance from the beach, making them easily accessible should you experience kitesurfing or kiteboarding equipment failure.

For great kite deals and expert advice, view our recommended list of kite shops here.

Why buy Kite Equipment in Cape Town?

It is generally cheaper to buy your new equipment here in Cape Town and take it back overseas with you.

Keep in mind that you can also claim back the tax you pay here as a tourist. If you want to save even more money, and you don’t mind showing off last year’s kiteboard model, you can cash in on the special deals and discounted prices on the previous season’s equipment offered by most local kite shops.

Should you arrive in Cape Town with your kite gear and find better deals at the local kite shops, you can advertise your kite equipment on where you’re sure to find a buyer in a short space of time.

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